Chairman's Message

-From The chairman's Desk

I am proud to say that we have laid the foundation for success in 1990 through “SHIVA GANGA THEATRES”. With our attitude of persistency we won the accolades of people around for our uncompromised service, dedication and commitment.. with the same and doubled zeal and enthusiasm we are stepping into the education field through” SHRI SHIVA GANGA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY” I personally believe that there is an un fathomable potential in every child other than academics which is untapped .If the environment around them is conducive and supportive enough to bring out the best in them then they are all set to lead a happy childhood and further. For this I am glad to say that i have chosen a Montessori platform which not only caters to my dreams and belief but also provides a holistic development and, the final outcome will be a balanced human being with a positive approach to life. I am sure Gd Goenka La petite in combination with” SHRI SHIVA GANGA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY” will create positive ripples in the pond called child development.

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